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8-6 令人失望和不解的莫里康内官方网站
--- 来自中国爱好者的批评和期待
Disappointing and puzzling Morricone official website
--- Criticism and expectation from Chinese fans


Disappointed and Puzzled by Morricone's Official Website
Criticism and expectations from Chinese fans

by Wenguang Han (37)
(with thanks to Michael Caletka)

My name is Wenguang Han, and I'm an Ennio Morricone fan from China. I was born in 1937 and worked for the company Sinopec, before I retired. I love philately and music. Although I am only 9 years younger than Ennio Morricone, I came to know Morricone's name rather late in life. In 1979 I was assigned by Sinopec to go to Le Creusot, a plant in France for supervising an important turbine equipment. A French engineer named Martin lent me a tape with the music of Once Upon a Time in the West on it (it was a copied tape though, so no titles or further information was given). When I first heard the music, it felt very novel and surprising and I was very impressed. I asked Martin "What is this music?" He said he didn't know, but he also loved it very much. To be able to listen to the music, I had to spend my precious 80 francs (that was half of my three-month allowance abroad. At that time, the Chinese wages were very low and the ordinary people had no foreign currency) to buy a GE cassette recorder and some tapes. On the Chinese market at that time such a commodity had not yet appeared.
After returning home, the music still attracted me like a magnet. I tried to find out more about it, but China was in the closed state then, and I was not able to find someone who could answer all my questions. Until by chance in 1994, 15 years later, I bought a very attractive CD in Beijing. Its price was 85 RMB, which was equivalent to about half of my monthly income at that time. It had both English and Chinese titles given. The English title is “FILM, MUSIC & LOVE TO ENNIO MORRICONE”, performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Okay, but what did this “ENNIO MORRICONE” mean? Just when I came home and listened to it, I found there the music I have been searching for so many years. And its composer was this ENNIO MORRICONE! This disc (ISRC number is CN-C07-94-323-12/A.J6) may be the first Morricone-album released in mainland China. It was 20-30 years later than in the West!
Website and friends
I retired in 1997, created my first philately website in 2002, where I introduced the music I love.Through this music, I started to get to some friends who love Morricone's music as well. They strongly urged me to set up a music website about Morricone. One of them, Ms. Ding, came to my home in Nanjing from Beijing, a distance of 1000 km, just to provide me with more than 100 albums of Morricone’s soundtracks, which she had collected over many years. (The network transmission speed in those days was very slow, only 2-3K/S) It became the first batch of resource for the construction of my site. Many soundtracks I generously obtained through the American fan Don Trunick, who was known as "The Godfather" of the Morricone fans. (See "Maestro" issue #7 p.16). By time Don became a good friend of mine. With the help and encouragement of my friends on August 8th 2003 my Morricone-website finally went online in English and Chinese. It became a major event for Chinese Morricone fans, and I started to deliver important information to the fans worldwide. Many fans asked for help in finding resources. After only eight months 1373 people had signed on. Since the establishment of the website I gradually got to know many new friends around the world, especially many fans from the West. Like Don from America, Didier from Belgium, Michael from Austria, Rainer from Germany, Nicolas and Patrick from France, Alex, Nikita and Ilia from Russia, Jing from The Philippines, Takeshi from Japan and many more. Most of them were senior fans, giving me a lot of help with their knowledge and sharing of information and resources. It was a great support and effort in finally closing the gap that existed for decades about professional knowledge of Morricone and his work between Chinese and Western fans. I also learned about the sublime status of Ennio Morricone as a world-renowned musician, which made me to feel honored and responsible as a webmaster of a website on Morricone.
Chronology and questions

With the gradual enhancement of my site, I first had to figure out which scores were really by Morricone, and which were not. For fans in the Western world, this may not have been such a big problem, because most fans have followed Morricone for many decades, but for Chinese fans, it was not so easy. Since 2005 I began to pay attention to find other websites that offered a chronology of Morricone's work. And I found many: I listed 26 sites on my website (38) , but their contents differed very much, and it was difficult to distinguish which information was right and which one was wrong.

After a while, I mainly studied two Italian sites. One of them calls itself as the "Ennio Morricone official website" http://www.enniomorricone.com. Its Italian title was “Ennio Morricone sito ufficiale autorizzato”. I thought it should be the most authoritative information, so I began to build up my own chronology according to its data. After more than a year of time, I completed all my webpage updates. I was happy that my site had now correct data.

But eventually I found some problems. When I edited some movie titles, where the credits clearly showed the composer was Morricone, but I could not find them in the official chronology. Example: The Red Tent (1968), Machine Gun McCain (1968), Beyond Justice (1991), Fateless (2004). I compared the
information with those on other websites, like the IMDB, that clearly credit Morricone as composer for these movies. When I found a contact email on the official site, I wrote them, asking for their interpretation. But I never got
a reply. That was the first time I had some doubt about this site.

The official site reorganization
In 2009 there were some changes made on the official site. The two Italian sites mentioned above had merged into a single website, and were available in Italian and English. The site was called "Morricone's official website". The two sites were still run independently, but their chronology had been extensively revised. It had been increased by more than 30 films, 401 movies from 1961-2008 in total. Many errors had been corrected, and I felt gratified. Although there were still some unresolved problems, I decided to rewrite my chronology, trusting the new corrected data. It was a lot of work. After six years of construction, my site had grown to more than 2.000 single web pages. Modifications in the chronology involved almost all pages, and they had to be modified manually. But despite all this, and in order to maintain consistency with the official site, but also because I felt responsible for my readers, I finally decided to do it. The process took more than two years until in 2011 my site used all data of the new chronology catalogue and was basically consistent with the official site.
Invalid contact

It was announced, that in May 2009 Morricone would hold his first China concert in Beijing. As a fan, I would have liked to give some personal advice to the maestro, hoping his first China concert would be more successful. (Perhaps this was superfluous of me, but I thought I should give it a try.)

I had no contact information about Ennio Morricone (in 2007 I had written a letter in Italian to him using Morricone’s mail address in Rome, provided by Philippines friend Jing, but I received no reply (39), so first I hoped his official website could help me. I found an e-mail address info@enniomorricone.it . The above-right screenshot is the content of the email.

To ensure this e-mail would be received, I also sent an email with similar content to the Italian embassy in China and its cultural office, and also to the concert ticketing agency in both English and Chinese. Only the ticket agency replied, telling me that they had forwarded my email to the relevant department. But in the end, it was all the reaction I got - nobody ever responded to my mail. It made me very sad. After the concert, I got a booklet. On it there was given a "show contact" email address musastudio@libero.it. So I tried this address by sending a similar email to get in touch, but it was fruitless as well.

Since I dedicated myself to the hobby of philately at end of the last century, I wrote to leaders of over 100 countries worldwide, requesting their signature. Finally I received 32 national replies and signatures, including German Chancellor Helmut Kohl,French President Jacque Chirac, Irish Prime Minister Berty Ahern, Finland Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen, Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene and so many more. The response rate of European countries was even up to 61%.(40) In contrast, it was even harder for me to understand that actually it was that difficult getting in contact with such a world famous maestro and his team (including the Italian Embassy and its cultural office).

I do not blame the Maestro though. On May 22nd 2009, I was in Beijing on behalf of Chinese fans to present a gift to him. He talked with his hands and was very courteous and accessible. Of course it is impossible for the Maestro to handle all his public relations issues personally. I think the main problem lies in the official website and the team behind it. They have the responsibility to establish an easily accessible public channel for the Maestro, listening to opinions from all sides, grasping and handling relevant issues and meticulously keeping track of data. Thus there would be a real exchange and it would help to maintain the good image of the Maestro. Maestro Morricone on the other hand should properly control the frequency of his concerts and all his other assignments. His precious old age should be taken into account, set apart the necessary time and energy to pay attention to these important public and historical issues.

Handbook and dispute
2013 was the 10th anniversary of my website. Over the years, I have been hoping to compile a paper handbook for fans. This idea was because I had once encountered many difficulties in the early years. I wanted to provide a shortcut for the beginners to understand and help them to get familiar with the works of Morricone. Just like a compendium, something I could not find on the Internet. Especially in China this kind of reference book had never appeared, and was clearly needed. I also imagined that it could be useful for people outside China as well. Therefore I decided to use both Chinese and English text editing and published it. The main contents of this book were brief introductions of the 401 movies composed by Ennio Morricone (1961-2008) according to the official chronology. The name of the book is “Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" (41). The editing process was another big learning process. Although in the past I had published a number of research articles on my website (42), when I started this new job, I had to do a detailed, in-depth analysis and research again. Thus, a number of new problems appeared. They can be summed up, in the following three categories (43) :

1. “Music by Ennio Morricone” is shown in the opening credits of the movies or in IMDB, CHIMAI, SOUNDTRACKCOLLETOR and other important websites, but the movies do not appear in the official chronology. There are more than 100 movies in this category. Examples: Machine Gun McCain (1968), Nessuno deve sapere (1972, see “Maestro” issue #6, p.31), Padre Pio - Tra cielo e terra (TV 2000), La Piovra-10 (TV 2001) etc. This may be due to the problem in finding a unique definition of which title should be used in the filmography. Without it, one is unable to distinguish between right or wrong data, and therefore this is the most urgent problem that should be solved first.

2. In contrast to the above, some movies have been included in the official filmography, but they are not mentioned by most of the other major websites. Although the number of the movies in this category is rather low, it is still a source of doubt and controversy. Examples: Agente 077: Missione Bloody Mary(1965), Morte di una ragazza per bene (1999), What Dreams May Come (1999), etc.

3. There is no dispute in the credit, but there are some obscure problems, example Alla scoperta dell America (1961), Verrò and Vicino al ciel (1961). And also music that was never released on any album or compilation as Arabella (1967), Labbra di lurido blu (1975), Le Ricain (1976, see “Maestro” Issue #3 p.19), Todo Modo (1976), La luna (1979), Don't Kill God (1984), Con rabbia e con amore (1995), etc.

I felt confused and puzzled again by such a large number of problems. Since the official website could not be contacted, I asked my friend Didier. He explained some of my problems, and also expressed that the official chronology is not satisfying. Didier told me that Morricone's team who had been working on solving these problems, have got in touch with him. It is expected that soon they will be able to discuss these issues in detail. In order to my reference, he also kindly send to me a very complete chronology edited carefully by himself.

Faced with this reality, as a Chinese who doesn't know much about the history of these arguments, I really didn't have the ability to determine which was right and which was wrong. After much consideration, I decided to edit the Handbook temporarily according to the official chronology, because after all, it is the official information. It should be Ennio Morricone’s mouthpiece. At the same time, I also tried to add some explanations on to the more controversial parts in order to raise some interest which may eventually lead to some solutions.

In early 2013, the Handbook was published. It was well received by a great majority of the readers at home and also abroad, but there was also some criticism and dispute. These comments weremainly published in the United States (44), France (45) and Italy on the official forums. But unfortunately the Italian forum has been closed by now (see “Maestro” issue #6 p.13), but its screenshots is still visible on my website (46). The main content of the argument was still the chronology problem. A friend named Laurent said: "Why did they bother reproducing at least one filmography in which ALLA SCOPERTA DELL'AMERICA has been erroneously dated from 1961 whereas we all know for sure it's a score from 1977, as is clearly demonstrated by the music itself?” I understand his posting, but do not completely agree with him. First, I have already explained this problem in the Handbook (47) . ”Its production year is 1961 according to the official website, but it is 1964, 1971 or 1977 according to some unofficial sites. Here it is temporarily listed as 1961. We hope that at least the official website should have an accurate response for the issue." As for the “1977” statement, many websites have not recognized it. (It is shown as 1964 in IMDB and soundtrackcollector for example, as 1971 in the “Ennio Morricone Filmografie 1961-1971” p.42.) Second, as for saying “bother”: it should be directed to the root cause, namely the Italian "Ennio Morricone’s official website" first. There is a more detailed record on my website about this issue. Such arguments can often turn very unpleasant.
The new official website and more puzzles

The “Maestro” issue #6 issued a message: “The official website www.enniomorricone.it, including its forum, has been abandoned last August without prior notice. It then took weeks before a new one saw the light: www.enniomorricone.org. It has a few announcements by the Maestro but the rest is clearly still under construction….” I went to see the new official website with very happy mood and hoped it would bring a new, long-awaited correct chronology, but the results were very disappointing. Its chronology was just a copy of the old website information. From 1961 to 2008, exactly a total of 401 movies, and also only up to 2008! Seeing such a result, I was not only disappointed, but even dismayed! Was this honestly the whole revision they offered? It was released with exactly the same content as six years ago with old news in many errors (up to May 2015 it was still the case!). And there was still no replacement for the original forum they had suddenly closed.

I wrote an email to ask my old friend Didier, He replied me that: “the official filmography is very bad. I have been able to mention this to one of the managers, when Ennio was in Brussels. He said he would contact me about that, but he hasn’t done it yet. Hopefully he will soon.” Then I went to ask another old friend Michael, because he managed that forum during the past few years. He replied to me: “The contents of the official site are not very well. They started the site with great plans and everything new in design, but then somehow it seems those responsible for the contents lost interest.… The forum had been cut off over night without telling anyone…. I was feeling quite disappointed myself when the site went down all from a sudden.”

These answers seem to explain two questions: First, the management team is aware of the problems and willing to solve them; second, some unexplained reasons caused the sudden change, but it was done very recklessly. Differences of opinion? Budget shortfalls? Nevertheless, we have already seen that this is a really bad thing for everyone (including Maestro Ennio Morricone)

Dawn and action

However, the society is always changing. I've seen some of the new dawn. A Chinese friend in German school Hongmei Wang recently mailed me a brochure he bought at the Morricone Oberhausen concert on March 26th, 2015. It has a total of 48 pages, printed with www.enniomorricone.org in back cover. This was probably meant as a general information on Morricone for his European tour. I was most interested in the chronology offered here. After careful control I found that it was almost exactly the same with the old chronology concerning the years 1961-1974. It seems out of an editing error in 1975, not only the year ismissing, but also 10movie titles. And in 1999, an interesting thing happened: That controversial movie What Dreams May Come had disappeared from the chronology. Was that a correction of an error in the chronology, or just an editorial error? Even more interesting was, that 19 movies were added from 2009-2013. That was a very good progress! At least people see a ray of hope. But only an insider would notice the subtle details.

For another good news see the “Maestro” issue #6 p.10. A book called ENNIO MORRICONE FILMOGRAFIE edited in German has been published. Although this book did not say who the author was, there were the words from “Maestro”: “However, it is clearly a very well done directory made by passionate and
knowledgeable people.” Each directory includes 3 books. I have bought the first and third book via eBay. Although the contents still differ a lot with those of the official website, this issue will at least attract people’s attention. So hopefully social force will propel the problem to be solved soon.

As a webmaster of a website dedicated to Morricone for such a long time puzzling over the official website(s), I have gradually lost patience and confidence. For good development of my website, I have decided now to wait no longer. I will independently revise my own chronological directory for the third time based on the information I gathered from many famous websites. It will be divided into three parts (A, B, C). The A part will be the accepted directory, part B will be "agreed by most people", and finally part C part will deal with "many disputes". It may not be an ideal chronology, but at least it can fully reflect the current realities, with the living hope they can be solved one day soon.

Suggestions and expectations
Ennio Morricone is not only the Italian national treasure, he also is the idol of global music lovers. To maintain his outstanding image, we all need to work together. His official website and the management team have an important responsibility. First the official website should provide a smooth contact channel, offer reliable replies on emails, so that they won't be ignored anymore. The forum should not be closed arbitrarily. This was a very rude behavior, which is unacceptable for everyone. (Even if there may be some difficulties, such a step should be announced in advance.) For the chronology it requires great determination, and organizational strength that the existing differences are studied thoroughly and get finally solved. First there must be a unified definition for the chronology directory. The situation is very complex, because Morricone's works span a very long period of time, involving a huge amount of music.
It has to be verified, if the music was actually composed by Morricone, and if so we have to identify if it was original music, pre-existing, covered, reused, arranged, supervised or even stock- or library-music. (See “Maestro” issue #3 p.27 appendix to Le Ricain). Morricone's involvements in soundtrack music are diverse: He is composer, conductor, music supervisor, music advisor, music selector, orchestrator, arranger, and in some cases it seems he cooperated with other composers. In order to decide what should be included in the chronology, and what should be skipped, there must be a clear, unified understanding. Otherwise chaos is inevitable. Even if we see, that this definition cannot be perfectly uniformed by relying solely on the strength of the Italian official website, they at least should have their own clear definition. They should publish this definition to the world, telling us why some movies are listed in the directory, while some movies are not, thus avoiding pointless arguments, and establishing the due authority of the official website. I think, if they can't solve the problem, then this website does not really qualify to be called "official", because not being correct in an authoritative way and being called "official", would harm to the reputation of the Maestro. This year the Maestro Ennio Morricone will turn 87. If these problems are not solved in his lifetime, they will be left to the next generation or even several generations to debate for sure. Second, there is the management of the Maestro. In general, they are responsible for the arrangement of Morricone’s various assignments. We know the Maestro toured a lot during recent years, and according to Morricone's official website, for 2015 there are planned 26 shows for his European Concert Tour in total. In March alone there were 11 performances! This is the largest number of concerts by Morricone recorded over the years. Apart from the enthusiastic participation, many fans express doubts about such intensive assignments for an 87-years-old Maestro. I think it is time to let the long-living Maestro get the necessary rest. The team must not consider the commercial side alone, but also has to take into account the necessary time for the Maestro to recover and arrange his works. They should financially support the official website much stronger. They also have to put force into removing people's doubts leaving a detailed and reliable archive for the world and history. Finally, we also look forward to the Italian government and its relevant departments, who should give the full attention and loving care to their national treasure symbols. It's in their own interest, that they urge the responsible persons and departments to seriously address the many problems of long-lasting dispute, which effects the image of the Maestro. They should provide a satisfying answer for the fans worldwide. We are eagerly looking forward to this situation!
The postscript
I have found a contacting email info@enniomorricone.org at the bottom of the new official website’s homepage. In order to try its effectiveness, I respectively sent 2 emails from my 2 email addresses (One is webmaster@morricone.cn, the other one is qilingren@hotmail.com) with the same content on May 18th
2015. Up to now (August 2015) I have not yet seen any reply. I'm not sure what the problem is at present, but it seems to prove one thing again: This channel is not very smooth!
37 All the contents of this article are based on reliable facts. It is impossible to list them all here due to limited space. If necessary, the author can provide them at any time.
38 http://morricone.cn/works/works-000.htm
39 http://morricone.cn/eng-fpages/eng-fpages-f1011-8.htm
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42 http://morricone.cn/works/worksstudy-en001.htm and http://morricone.cn/ns-works/nsworks-006.htm
43 Due to space limitations, please download and read the document with more detailed
explanation here http://morricone.cn/temp/explanation.htm 1.53M
44 http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=95012&forumID=1&archive=0
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47 See P81 in the “Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook” (English version) and the explanation document here http://morricone.cn/temp/explanation.htm 1.53M
The Maestro issue #8 >>>>>>


--- 来自中国爱好者的批评和期待

作者 韩文光(1) (对迪迪埃和米歇尔的帮助表示感谢)

尽管我比莫里康内只小9岁,但是我真正知道莫里康内的名字却很晚。1979年我被中国石化委派到法国克鲁索工厂监造一台重要的汽轮机设备,在那里,一位法国工程师马丁借给我一盘磁带,里面有"西部往事 "的音乐 (但这盘磁带是复制的,没有音乐的名字)。当我第一次听到这首音乐时,我感到非常新奇和惊讶,印象非常深刻。我问马丁这是什么音乐?他说他不知道,但是他也非常喜欢。为了听这些音乐,我不得不花去宝贵的80法郎(我的三个月出国津贴的一半,当时中国人的工资非常低,而且一般人没有外币)去买了一台GE的盒式录音机和磁带。那时,中国市场上还没有出现这样的商品

回国以后,这首音乐仍然像磁石一样吸引着我。我到处打听这首音乐。但那时的中国还处在比较封闭的状态,没有人能回答我的问题。直到15个年头以后的1994年,一个偶然的机会,我在北京买到一盘颇具吸引力的CD唱盘,它的价格是85元人民币, 大约相当于我当时半个月的工资。 它有中英两种文字,英文标题是"FILM, MUSIC & LOVE TO ENNIO MORRICONE"。下面注明由伦敦爱乐管弦乐团演奏。不过我并不懂这个ENNIO MORRICONE是什么意思?只是当我回家仔细欣赏,研究以后,才发现这里面竟有那首我已寻觅多年的音乐,而且它的作者就是那个ENNIO MORRICONE!这个光盘的ISRC编号是CN-C07-94-323-12/A.J6,它可能是在中国大陆出版发行的第一张莫里康内音乐唱片,这和西方相比晚了二,三十年!
1997年我退休,在2002年建立了我的第一个集邮网站。在那里我介绍了这首我非常喜爱的音乐。通过这首音乐,开始结识了一些喜爱莫里康内作品的朋友。他(她)们极力要求我再建立一个以莫里康内为主题的音乐网站。其中一位丁女士,从远隔1000公里的北京跑到南京,把她辛辛苦苦收藏的100多组莫里康内的作品送到我家。(那时网络传送速度极慢,只有2-3K/S),成为网站建设的第一批资源。 其中不少是她从那位被称为莫里康内粉丝之父的美国Don Trunick(见Maestro issue #7 P16)那里慷慨得到的。在她的介绍下,我也成为Don的朋友。在这些朋友的帮助和鼓励下,2003年8月8日,第一个带有中英两种文字的莫里康内主题网站终于开始运行,成为中国莫里康内爱好者的一件大事,也开始向全世界的爱好者传递了重要的信息。很多爱好者怀着激动的心情来到这里寻求帮助,查找资源。仅2003-2004年8个月时间的统计,第一批在网站注册的人数就达到1373人。

由于网站的建立,我在全世界渐渐地结识了很多新朋友。特别是许多来自西方的爱好者,像美国的Don,比利时的Didier,奥地利的Micheal,德国的Rainer,法国的Nicolas, Patrick, 俄罗斯的Alex,Nikita, Ilia,以及菲律宾的Jing和日本的Takeshi….,他们大都是资深的爱好者,他们在知识,信息,资源各个方面都给予我大量的帮助,使我找到一条捷径来弥补中国和西方爱好者在莫里康内专业知识方面几十年的差距。使我看到莫里康内作为一位全球知名音乐家的崇高地位。也使我感到作为一个莫里康内主题网站站长的光荣和责任。

随着网站建设的逐步深入,摆在我面前的一个主要问题是,在世界各地朋友们不断贡献的资源当中,到底哪些是属于莫里康内的,哪些不是他的?这是这个主题网站必须首先解决的一个前提。对于西方爱好者来说,这不是什么大的问题,因为他们多数人从青年,甚至少年开始,追随莫里康内已经几十年,对于他的作品非常熟悉。但是对于中国人而言却并非易事。因为他们了解和接触莫里康内相当之晚。自2005年起,我就开始注意在网上查找有关莫里康内年表的网页。这样的网站数量不少,在我的网站当年留有记录的就有26个(2)。但内容各不相同,令人难分正误。渐渐地,我把注意力放在两个意大利的网站上,一个是自称为官方网站的 http://www.enniomorricone.com/ (它的标题是 Ennio Morricone sito ufficiale autorizzato),另一个是带有英文版的http://www.enniomorricone.it 。我选定了前者作为主要根据,因为它是官方网站,我认为它的资料应该是最有权威的。前后花了一年多的时间,在我的网站建立起第一个带有自己编号的莫里康内作品年表,基本完成了全站的网页更新。这使我非常高兴,因为我认为我的网站已经步入一条正确的轨道,我将按着这个方向继续建设我的网站。
不过,在我继续前行的时候逐渐发现了一些问题,在我编辑一些著名电影的时候,在电影屏幕上明明显示作曲家是莫里康内,但是在官方的年表上却找不到它们的名字。例如:红帐篷 /The red tent(1968), 铤而走险/Machine Gun McCain (1968), 铁胆威龙 /Beyond Justice (1991), 非关命运/Fateless (2004)….
虽然两个网站的网页仍在独立运行,但它的年表已作了很大的修订。新的年表比老年表增加了30多部电影,许多原来存在的问题已经得到纠正,这使我感到欣慰。我仔细地对照过这两个站点的年表,它们只有7个不同的地方,其它已经完全一致。以它的英文页为基准,从1961年起到2008年止,列入年表的电影总计401部 。



我没有莫里康内的联系渠道(2007年我曾用菲律宾JING朋友提供的莫里康内在罗马的住址并用意大利文给他写过信 (3),但一直没有接到回复),所以我首先寄希望于他的官方网站,在那里有一个电邮地址 info@enniomorricone.it 右上面的截图是邮件的内容


在音乐会之后,我拿到了一本小册子。在它的最后一面有一个"演出联络"的电邮地址 musastudio@libero.it 我又用这个地址发出一个类似的邮件希望取得联系,但仍然无果而终。

由于集邮的爱好,在上个世纪末,我曾给全球100个国家的首脑去信请求他们的签名,结果我收到了32个国家的回复和签名 ,其中包括了欧洲的德国总理科尔,法国总统希拉克,爱尔兰总理埃亨,芬兰总理利波宁,比利时首相德阿纳等等,欧洲国家的回复率高达61% (4)。对比之下,我很难理解这样一位世界著名的音乐大师和他的团队竟然这样难以联系(包括意大利使馆和它的文化处)!我不会怪罪这位大师,2009年5月22日,我曾在北京代表中国的爱好者向他献礼 ,和他握手交谈,他是非常和蔼可亲。当然,大师自己不可能亲自处理所有公关问题,我想问题首先出在这个官方网站以及他的管理团队。他们有责任为大师建立一条畅通的公共渠道,听取各方面的意见,抓紧处理有关问题,精心维护大师的良好形象。而大师也应当适当控制音乐会的频率和各种事务,在他有限的宝贵的晚年,留出必要的时间和精力关注这些带有重大社会价值的重要的公众和历史问题。
2013年是我的网站十周年,多年来,我一直希望为爱好者编制一本纸质的手册,这也是由于我早年所遇到的许多困难而产生的想法。我希望为入门者提供一条了解,熟悉莫里康内作品的捷径。这样的纸质工具书,当时我在网上从未发现。尤其在中国,这类图书从未出现过。我想,在全球这样广泛的范围,也会有人需要它,所以我决定使用中英两种文字编辑,出版。这本书的主要内容,将是以年表为根据,逐个逐个地对由莫里康内配乐的401部电影作品(1961-2008)进行简明的介绍。它的名字被定为"莫里康内爱好者手册" (5)

手册的编辑过程也是我深入学习的过程,尽管过去对于这个问题我已经发表过一些研究文章 (6). 但当我开始这项新的工作时,我必须对官方的年表再做一次详细的,深入的分析和研究。这样,大量新的问题又被发现。归纳起来,大致有以下三类:(由于篇幅限制,关于这个问题的详细说明,请在这里下载一个详细的说明文件 http://morricone.cn/temp/explanation.rar 1.5M)

1. 许多电影在片头字幕上和 IMDB,CHIMAI,SOUUNDTRACKCOLLETOR 等重要网站上均显示为莫里康内谱曲,但在官方年表中没有显示。它们的数量比官方网站多出100多部 。例如前面提到的《铤而走险/Machine Gun McCain》 (1968), 以及《十日谈/l Decameron》(1970),《无人知晓/Nessuno Deve Sapere》(1972,见音乐大师第6期P31), 《比奥神父/Padre Pio - Tra cielo e terra》(TV 2000), 《出生入死/La Piovra-10 》(TV 2001) 等等。 这也许涉及到年表的定义问题,没有统一的定义是无法分辨是非的,因此这是必须首先解决的问题。

2. 与上面情况相反,在莫里康内官站列入作品年表但却存在归属争议的电影,也就是说不为大多数重要网站所承认的电影。这样的电影数量虽然很少,但争议和疑惑却很大。例如《Agente 077: Missione Bloody Mary》 (1965), 《Morte di una ragazza per bene》 (1999),《What dreams may come》(1999)等等。

3. 虽然对于作品列入官方目录没有争议,但是至今仍然存在一些未解的问题或是其它方面的争议。这类作品包括《Alla Scoperta Dell America》 (1961),《Verrò》 和《Vicino al ciel Vicino》(1961), 以及从未发布过专辑或合辑的 《Arabella》(1967),《Labbra di lurido blu》(1975),《Le Ricain》 (1976, 见"音乐大师"第3期P19),《Todo Modo》(1976),《La Luna》(1979),《Don't kill God》(1984),《Con rabbia e con amore》(1995),等等。

这样大量的问题使我再一次感到迷惑和不解,由于官站无法联系,我只好向我的朋友 Didier 求教。他解释了我的一些问题,对于这个官方年表也很不满意。Didier还告诉我,莫里康内团队的人已经在着手解决这个问题,并和他取得了联系,有望不久可以仔细商谈这些问题。他还把他自己编制的一份完整的年表资料发送给我参考。

面对这样的现实,作为一个并不太了解这些争论历史的东方人,我实在没有这个能力去确定谁是谁非。经过再三考虑,我决定还是暂时以官方年表为根据来编辑这本图书。因为毕竟它是官方的 , 它应该是埃尼奥 莫里康内的喉舌。 同时我也把有争议的部分尽可能加以注释,以期引起各方的关注,早日得到解决。

2013年初,这本手册出版发行。它受到国内外多数读者的欢迎,但是也出现一些批评和争论。这些评论主要发表在美国 (7),法国 (8)和意大利一些爱好者的论坛上。不过很可惜意大利论坛 已被关闭 (见"音乐大师"第6期P13),但它的截图仍然记录在我的网站(9)。争论的内容仍然是有关年表的问题,一位叫Laurent的朋友在他的帖子中说:"why did they bother reproducing at least one filmography in which ALLA SCOPERTA DELL'AMERICA has been erroneously dated from 1961 whereras we all know for sure it's a score from 1977, as is clearly demonstrated by the music itself?"我理解他的帖子,但是不能完全同意他的意见。首先是在手册中我已就此作了说明 (10):"And its produced year is 1961 in official websie, but it is 1964, 1971 or 1977 in some unofficial info. Here temporary list 1961. We hope that at least the official website should have an accurate response for the issue"; 而且对于他的1977年一说,并没有得到多数网站的公认(在IMDB和soundtrackcollector网站上均显示为1964年;在 "Ennio Morricone Filnografie 1961-1971" P42显示为1971);二是如果说bother,那造成这种bother的根源首先在于这个意大利的官方网站。在我的网站里对于这些评论此也作了记载和更为详细的回复。这样的争论通常是不愉快的。


The "MAESTRO" issue #6 P13 发表了一个消息:"The official website www.enniomorricone.it, including its forumas the composer as the composer , has been abandoned last August without prior notice. It then took weeks before a new one saw the light, www.enniomorricone.org. It has a few announcements by the Maestro but the rest is clearly still under construction (it even has an audio clip from Red Sonja entitled ... Highlander!). It doesn't yet have a forum, leaving the fans orphans of a discussion place for months."我带着非常欣喜的心情去查看这个新的官方网站,以为它会有一个新的有权威性的年表带给久已盼望的人们,但其结果却非常令人失望,它的年表几乎是原样照抄了老网站的资料,自1961到2008年,总计401部,一部也不差,而且时间只到2008年!


我发电邮给我的老朋友Didier, 他回复我说:"the official filmography is very bad. I have been able to mention this to one of the managers when Ennio was in Brussels. He said he would contact me about that, but he hasn't done it yet. Hopefully he will soon."我又向另一位老朋友 Micheal询问消息,因为他曾受聘去管理那个爱好者的论坛。他回复我说: "The contents of the official site are not very well. They started the site with great plans and everything new in design, but then somehow it seems those reponsible for the contents lost interest.…The forum has been cut off over night without telling anyone…. I was feeling quite disappointed myself when the site went down all from a sudden"


不过,社会总是在前进的。我已经看到了一些新的曙光。一位在德国上学的中国朋友Hongmei Wang最近给我寄来一本小册子,这是莫里康内2015年3月26日在德国Oberhausen 举行的音乐会上买到的,全书48页,封底有 www.enniomorricone.org 的网址。这大概是莫里康内欧洲巡回演出通用的资料.我最感兴趣的倒是其中列出的年表。仔细对照一下,从1961到1974年和老年表完全一样,在1975年似乎编辑出了问题,不仅漏掉了年份还漏掉10部电影。到1999年,有趣的事情出现了。过去一直存在争议的那部电影《What dreams may come》在年表中消失了。是对错误作出的修正吗?但愿它不是由于编辑错误!另一个引人注意的是新增了2009-2013年的电影共计19部。这应该说是很不错的进步了!至少使人看到了一线曙光。但其中奥妙只有局内人才能知道。
另一个好消息见The "MAESTRO" issue #6 P10。几本由德国编辑出版的莫里康内作品年表(电影目录)(ENNIO MORRICONE FILMOGRAFIE)(FILM KATALOG) 已经公开发行。这个目录虽然没有说明作者是谁,但用音乐大师杂志的话来说:"However, it is clearly a very well done directory made by passionate and knowledgeable people." 每一套目录共计3册,我已通过eBay买到了其中的第一和第三册(很遗憾直到现在仍未见到第2册出售)。尽管它的内容和官站的目录仍有很大差别,但至少说明,这个问题正在引起人们的重视,社会的合力必将推动这个问题的早日解决.

作为一个莫里康内主题网站站长,对于这样一个长期令人迷惑不解的官方网站,我已经渐渐失去了耐心和信心。为了我的网站的良好发展,我决定不再等待。 我将在广泛吸取许多著名网站资料的基础上,独立地,第三次修订我自己的年表目录。它将分为A,B,C三个部分。A部分是为大家所公认的目录,B部分是多数人共同认可的部分,C部分是存在较多争议的部分。我并不认为这是一个理想的年表,但至少它可以全面地反映出当前的现实状况并促使它的早日解决

莫里康内不仅是意大利国宝级人物,更是全世界音乐爱好者心目中的偶像,他的杰出形象需要大家共同努力来维护。首先是他的官方网站和管理团队,他们的职责决定了对此负有重要的责任。首先官方网站应该有一个畅通的联系渠道,负责任地回复和处理来自全世界爱好者的各种述求, 而不能置之不理。它的论坛更不应该随意关闭,(即使由于某种困难也应该事先明示)这是一种非常粗鲁的举动,不论是对于论坛的工作人员还是对于爱好者来说都是难以接受的。对于长期存在的年表问题,应该下大决心,组织力量去研究解决。首先必须做的是统一年表目录的定义,由于莫里康内作品年代持续很长,数量巨大,情况复杂。即使的确是莫里康内谱曲的音乐又分为原始的(Original music),预存的(pre-existing music),翻唱的(covered),重新使用的(reused ),改编的(arranging)等等,甚至还有压箱底的库存音乐( Stock music, see "MAESTRO" issued #3 P27 "Appendix to Le Ricain"); 莫里康内的角色又有作曲家(composer), 指挥 (conduacter), 音乐总监 ( Music Supervisor), 音乐顾问(Music Advisor) 音乐选择 (Music selection),管弦乐配器(Orchestrator),以及多位作曲家合作等等之分。 哪些该列入年表,哪些不该列入年表,必须有一个明确的,甚至是统一的认识,否则,混乱是必然的。退一步说,即使单靠一个意大利官方网站的力量无法完全统一这个定义,那至少官站自己应该有自己明确的定义,并把这个定义公示给全球. 告诉大家为什么有的列入目录,为什么有的未列入目录。那同样也可以避免无谓的争论,并树立起官方网站应有的权威。我认为,年表目录问题如果不去解决,那么这个网站就没有资格挂上官方网站的桂冠,以免损害大师的声誉。莫里康内大师今年已经87岁了,如果在他健在的时候不去解决这个问题,难道还要留给下一代甚至若干代人去争论不休吗?其次是管理团队,一般来说,大师的各种日常活动是由他们负责安排的, 经纪团队更是掌握着财务大权。官方网站各种必要的活动都应当得到财务的强力支持。我们看到近年来大师的巡回演出负荷相当之重,根据莫里康内官网的信息,2015年计划举办的欧洲巡演音乐会总计竟达26场,在3月份甚至达到11场,创造了莫里康内历年音乐会数量之最。很多爱好者在热情参与之余,都对87岁大师这样密集的安排流露出疑虑。我认为现在应该是让已经高寿的大师得到必要休息的时候了!团队不能只顾商业运作,更应该充分考虑给大师留出必要的时间回顾和整理他的作品,解除世人的许多悬疑,为世界和历史留下一份翔实可靠的档案。 最后,我们还期待意大利政府的有关部门,对于这位国宝级人物应该给于充分的关注和爱护,对于许多长期存在的争议并影响到大师形象的问题应该督促负有责任的人员和部门认真解决,给全世界的爱好者提供一份满意的答案。我们急切地期待着!
为了再一次试验这个新官站的联系渠道是否有效,笔者在它的首页最底部找到了一个联系邮箱 "Email: info@enniomorricone.org"。2015.5.18用我的两个邮箱(一个是国内的收费邮箱morricone@188.ocm; 另一个是国外的免费邮箱 qilingren@hotmail.com)分别对这个info@enniomorricone.org发出了两件同样内容的邮件。但是到本稿发稿的2015.8仍未见到任何回复。虽然我还不能肯定,问题到底在哪里?但有一点是肯定的:这条渠道是不通畅的
1. 本文所有内容均有可靠的根据,由于篇幅所限不可能在此一一列出。如有需要,作者可以随时提供
2. http://morricone.cn/works/works-000.htm
3. http://morricone.cn/eng-fpages/eng-fpages-f1011-8.htm
4. http://hty66.com/engweb/eng2-0.htm
5. http://morricone.cn/ns-notes/ns-notes-006-eng.htm
6. http://morricone.cn/works/worksstudy-en001.htm and http://morricone.cn/ns-works/ns-works-006.htm
7. http://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=95012&forumID=1&archive=0
8. http://www.underscores.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=88&start=750
9. http://morricone.cn/ns-notes/ns-notes-006add2-eng.htm
10. See P81 in the "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" (English version) and the explanation document here http://morricone.cn/temp/explanation.rar 1.59M

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