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You can immediately open the "VIP password" page and get all password after register, include all 130G free Morricone resources example 396 sets OST, 100 important films composed by Ennio Morricone (See below table), several hundreds of sheet music etc. and can get 10 gold coin reward immediately .The gold will equivalent to Same value of the dollar ( 1 gold=1 USD) for you buy our all resoureces . (See here and here)
VIP member benefits?
1. You can get the latest news sent this site
2. You can free download the 100 most important films composed by Morricone
3. You can free download 370 sets of high bit rate and 398 low bit rate Morricone OST
4. You can free download 49 groups (286M) Morricone sheet music
5. You can visit all web pages in the VIP area
For more details, please refer to the PC page
November 2016
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