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Se questo è un uomo / If this is a man

Editor's words: Ennio Morricone's music works can be divided into two parts, one is film music that many fans are very familiar with, and the other is absolute music. From 1940 to 2015, its total number reached 130 pieces. That's why Morricone often solemnly declares that "I'm a musician, not just a film's musician.". It's even a pity of the Maestro - because of life, he has to focus on film music instead of musicians like Mozart and Beethoven focusing on pure music - sometimes you can't understand why the Maestro always feels uneasy, even a little disdain, when people call him a Maestro of western Spaghetti film music.

Yesterday, I received a video of the performance of absolute music created by Morricone in 2001, edited by Ma Yong, a fan. It makes me have a better understanding of why the Maestro values absolute music so much: first, he can choose his own theme and play freely without the bondage of film director and box office value; second, absolute music is absolute not the sensory of surface as pop music., it is more with the charm of music, guide yourself to have to think deeply. Like this piece of music, those sometimes slow, sometimes rapid melody, beating, even distorted notes, through musical instruments, human voice reflects the helpless, pathetic, restless and even shouting... If you are hard to understand why the world today is so chaotic and there are fierce and lasting confrontation in many countries, listen to the concert and the music held in the Senate of Rome on January 11, 2020 Maybe it will help you to uncover some doubts. Maybe this is the precious legacy left by the Maestro
In china today, very few people study the absolute music of Morricon. Ma Chung can be said to be a pioneer, I hope that more enthusiasts to join the team, improve cultural quality, from the master's music treasure trove to get more harvest
《Se questo è un uomo / If this is a man》 06'06"You also can right click here to dowanload the video MP4 58.8M)

Below: Applause for Morricone's concert in the Roman Senate (Opinione)

Volunteer and Morricone Fan Yong Ma(Chi Mai)

志愿者 马涌(Chi Mai)
Graduated from Kunming Institute of technology, engineering background, has been engaged in financial work. Like reading books, watching movies, listening to music and practicing calligraphy. Worships Ennio Morricone and loves Italian Westerns film and the works of such Masters as Sergio Lione, Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu etc.
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