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Donation (or payment) channels
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My PayPal account is morricone80@163.com
Please use below my paypal payment link
You also can open Paypal to payment for morricone80@163.com
If you do not have a paypal account, you could click here for paying to my Paypal account morricone80@163.com
002- Payoneer
My Payoneer account is qilingren@vip.126.com
You can open Payoneer to find it and then payment
003- VISA
China Bank,   (Name) Wenguang Han
004- Other
Please enter the page for payment (or use the following two-dimensional code directly) if you can use Chinese WeChat or Alipay
Above: Alipay
Above: WeChat (China)

Please send an E-mail to me or send mobile text to me after payment and adding the words "Payment" in the title of your E-mail or mobile text for to prevent your E-mail is accidentally deleted. Please tell me that the item number you will buy, your detailed mailing address and telephone number if your post official request (If it's network transmission, it doesn't need). If you cannot receive our reply E-mail within 3 days, please use another E-mail address to send new E-mail to us, thanks!

Thank you for your trust and support!

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