Good news: the Chinese translation of issues 1-22 of 《MAESTRO》 e-magazine

can be downloaded for free now

Ennio Morricone themed e-magazine music 《MAESTRO》, hosted by CHIMAI website in Belgium, is the only English e-magazine in the world with the theme of Ennio Morricone's works published regularly. Since it is created in 2013 (see here), it has adhered to the policy of regular and free, and has published 22 consecutive issues by April this year (2022). It brings together the excellent works of the world-famous Morricone's lovers, research articles and reviews, interviews of musicians, singers, directors, actors, experts, scholars, relatives and friends, in-depth excavation of relevant archives in Italy and around the world, and the latest information of major famous music record publishing companies. It has launched a colorful and memorable history scroll for molicone lovers all over the world. It has observed and analyzed the massive works and activity tracks of the Maestro from different historical angles, and has become a good teacher and friend for lovers all over the world. Whether it is an beginning or a senior fans, it is an excellent publication worthy of careful reading

At present, the website has completed the automatic Chinese translation of 7-22 issues of this magazine. Now, together with the issue 1-6 translated by the volunteers, it is available to all fans for free download

Chinese translation of 《MAESTRO》E-magazine, issues 1-22, 234M RAR-PDF format
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I would like to express my heartfelt greetings and high respect to the two editors of this excellent magazine: Didier thunus of Belgium and Patrick bouster of France
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